Join Us For A FREE Online Tutorial of the PhysioU Web App

The PhysioU family of apps houses the latest in evidenced based musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, and cardiopulmonary clinical content which includes Range of Motion, Gait, Manual Muscle Testing, Palpation, Differential Diagnosis, and over 1000 HD demonstration videos.

We've been getting feedback that a brief walkthrough tutorial would be helpful for those new to our system of apps. Therefore, we are pleased to share that we will be hosting free monthly online tutorials on our web app ecosystem.

Webinar Objective:

To help PhysioU subscribers & free trial users maximize their learning experience with the entire suite of PhysioU app contents.

Webinar Schedule:

Our free online tutorial sessions are held monthly. Each session has a 20 minute walkthrough with a 10 minute Q&A session


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