PhysioU's First Ever Back to School Sale!

The PhysioU team spent the last 5 years developing a series of top rated clinical reasoning software. Many schools have already adopted PhysioU as the required learning tool and have made a huge impact on thousands of students. Worth hundreds of dollars of text book materials, now they are available in the palm of your hands with an affordable deal. This year, we are excited to announce our FIRST EVER BACK TO SCHOOL SALE to all Physical Therapy students! 

By Popular Demand! Deals extended through Sep 15 2017. 

Deal #1: All-in-one Family Web Suite

    50% off one-time fee to lifetime access*:

    $59.99 (Normally $119.99)

    The web suite includes:

    • Clinical Pattern Recognition Orthopaedic Full Body Suite
    • Gait
    • NeuroExam
    • ROM, MMT & Palpation
    • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
    • PNF (Release in the end of 2017)
    • Assistive Devices (Release in the end of 2017)

    Web version can be viewed on mobile devices within data/wifi network.

    *Promotion is only valid for first time user. 

    Deal #2: Pick-n-Choose Mobile Apps

    (Mobile apps are sold separately and only work on mobile devices)

    Clinical Pattern Recognition Orthopaedic Full Body Suite | $39.99 (Normally $69.93) | GET IT ON iTUNES / GOOGLE PLAY

    Gait | $6.99 (Normally $9.99) | GET IT ON iTUNES / GOOGLE PLAY

    NeuroExam | $6.99 (Normally $9.99) | GET IT ON iTUNES / GOOGLE PLAY

    ROM, MMT & Palpation | $6.99 (Normally $9.99) | GET IT ON iTUNES / GOOGLE PLAY

    Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation | $6.99 (Normally $9.99) | GET IT ON iTUNES

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    What is the difference between Web and Mobile?

    (iOS / Android)
    Price Varies. Each app sold separately.

    (Refer to iTunes and Google Play Stores for latest price per app)
    2-week free trial to all PhysioU apps.

    After that, pay $59.99* $119.99 to upgrade to lifetime access, OR, opt for $5*$10 monthly subscription. *Limited-time offer.
    One-time payment
    (No recurring fee)
    Yes Yes
    (Except for monthly subscription)
    Thousands of High Definition videos Yes Yes
    Step-by-Step Expert Examination Videos Yes Yes
    References with direct links Yes Yes
    Unlimited/Lifetime Usage Yes Yes
    Free regular evidence update Yes Yes
    Future app releases Sold separately Included. No additional fee.
    Device capability Downloadable apps.
    Works on mobile only.
    Browser based.
    Works on laptop & mobile.
    Device memory usage 2-10 gigabytes per app Zero
    Data streaming required No Yes