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Dalton Urrutia, MPT, PT


Growing up in Oregon, Dalton graduated in 2015 with honors from Southern Oregon University earning a Pre-PT Health and Science Bachelor's degree with a minor in Business. Dalton was also an accomplished athlete, having completed his collegiate wrestling career at SOU as a 2x All-American, 2x Regional Champion, Team Captain, and a National Runner-up. Following a non-traditional route, Dalton attended Robert Gordon University in the United Kingdom, where he completed a CAPTE accredited Msc in Physical Therapy in 2018. Dalton made the decision to study internationally to gain unique experiences, attend an accelerated 2 year program to become a Physiotherapist sooner and have the opportunity to travel while studying!

Dalton is currently working at Anatomie Physiotherapy in Northern London, a private orthopedic outpatient clinic where is he honing his clinical skills. Dalton completed majority of his clinical rotations in Scotland and Sydney, Australia. During, his last rotation in Australia, Dalton trained under an ex-olympian physical therapist specializing in orthopedic spinal conditions. Dalton has a passion in sports orthopedics with a focus on rehabilitation of the knee joint. Dalton has completed a Level 1 Sports Concussion Management Course, Cyriax mobilizations and manipulative therapy, and will be taking a Blood Flow Restriction certification June 2018.

Dalton also has a thriving Instagram handle called Physicaltherapyresearch. As a confused student looking for answers, Dalton spend a lot of reading research articles for school and personal interests. He discovered that summarizing physical therapy based research articles helped him learn, therefore he created an Instagram handle to share his knowledge and possibly help others in the same situation.

In Dalton’s spare time, he practices wrestling, grappling and combat sports. Dalton also coaches…

Dalton has a strong interest in applying sports biomechanics to his extracurricular activities and applies his knowledge to help rehab athletes to return to performance and optimize training to remain resilient.