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Many schools are using and beta testing PhysioU in the classroom.

Four Key Findings how PhysioU benefits student learning

1. We are a heavily technique based profession. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an archive of videos is priceless! (We have built both Pattern Recognition development apps, and technique archives for easy access to large amounts of information. These videos are all available for faculty to download and embed into their lectures!)
2. Students need learning tools that can span multiple classes. We are all constrained by the design of our program curriculum. Inevitably, classes will be taught in small, relatively disjointed pieces. Clinical Pattern Recognition was built to include, modalities, range of motion/strength testing, orthopaedics examination/treatment and therapeutic exercises to bridge the gap.
3. Context creates order, by pre-populating the student’s mind ahead of time with clinical patterns, techniques and exercises all begin to make sense. Without context, piles and piles of techniques and tests become next to impossible to sort through. (Clinical Pattern Recognition- Orthopaedic apps and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation.)
4. Students have different learning styles. Listen, watch, read, tap/swipe! Many students report that they value being able to play through our apps at their own speed and on their own time!

What Faculty are saying about PhysioU apps


Dr. Jeffrey Fairley, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT, CPI, Assistant Professor, Western University of Health Sciences

Dr. Nicholas Rolnick, PT, DPT, MS, CSCS, Adjunct Faculty, Concordia University in MS Exercise Science Program

I have looked at a number of apps for both intervention, examination, exercise, patient education, etc. These are the most complete apps that I have found and includes all of the areas listed above as well as modalities where appropriate. These apps take this a step further in providing both clinical guidelines or pain pattern recognition as a starting point, as well as regional specific eval & tx. I am actually requiring these apps for the musculoskeletal courses I teach in an entry level DPT program in the place of textbooks, along with appropriate research articles. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
— Dr. Richard Zaruba, PT, DPT, PhD, Associate Professor, Physical Therapy Program, University of Jamestown
James Syms
An excellent resouce for the clinician and entry-level student. Develops clinical reasoning skills based on clinical practice guidelines. As a professor of over 20 years, it is the most innovative learning tool that I now require in my PT program. I highly recommend it!
— Dr. James Syms, DSc, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy, Loma Linda University

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