Mentoring Minutes on Piriformis Syndrome

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- Treatment of an Individual with Piriformis Syndrome Focusing on Hip Muscle Strengthening and Movement Reeducation: A Case Report
- Typical treatment: STM, stretching, nerve gliding; 
- 2 year history buttock and post thigh pain
- Movement analysis: Step down (excessive hip add/IR), which had ROS
- MMT : weakness if hip abd and ER muscles
- Treatment: hip strengthening and movement re-education; 
- Outcomes: 0/10 pain with all ADLs’s; 80/80 LEFS improved LE kinematics for peak hip adduction and IR; 
- So instead of pirifmoris being short, its possible to be over lengthened
- Phase 1 (0-4): Bridge with TB; Clam with TB; 
- Phase 2 (4-9): squat with TB; side steps with TB; SL STS; Step down
- Phase 3: functional training: (9-14): forward lunge, lunge at 45 deg, DL jumps, DL to SL lands

Published: Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy, 2010 Volume:40 Issue:2 Pages:103–111 DOI:10.2519/jospt.2010.3108