Webinar for faculty: Deep learning in the Digital age with PhysioU

Due to popular demand, we are pleased to share the recorded session in this post.

This webinar Dr. Michael Wong, the developer of PhysioU, shares teaching and learning strategies and experiences from his 15 years of entry-level education. Topics include:

  • Developing pattern recognition

  • Laying out a road map for expert practice

  • Less is more!

  • The students become what we test!


Deep learning introduction (4 minutes)


Developing pattern recognition (26 minutes) 


Roadmaps to mentored evaluations (14 minutes)


Cardiopulmonary app tour (4 minutes) 


Is there a ROM MMT and Gait app? (11 minutes) 


Clinical Pattern Recognition Orthopaedics app tour (6 minutes)


NeuroExam app tour (4 minutes)