Mentoring Minutes: Hip Adductor Strain

Hip Adductor Strain Part 1

Hip Adductor Strain Part 2

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—Incidence: (Orchard et al, AJSM 2014) . 
o Soccer: 6 per 1000 player games
o Ice Hockey: 3.2 per 1000 player games
o Football: >23,000 over 10 years
o Average 12 days lost
—The Epidemiology of professional ice hockey injuries: a prospective report of six NHL seasons. (McKay, J Sports Med 2014
o 617 groin injuries, >90% non-contact;
o Training camp > regular season > playoffs
-62% adductor longus
-Conflicting data on playing surface (turf vs grass) and shoe type

—Risk Factors (Engebretsen, AJSM 10)
o Previous injury- strongest predictor
o Offseason training > 18 sessions: 3x decreased risk

—Mechanism of injury: 
o Eccentric contraction; Sudden ER and adduction, sudden stop/change of direction

o Flexibility: conflicting evidence about hip ROM (Tak, BJSM, 2017)
o Strength: Eccentric weakness (Thorborg, ortho J Sports med, 14)
o Muscle Imbalance: hip add to abd strength ratio: Adductors < abductors (17x increased risk) Tyler TF et al. The association of hip strength and flexibility with the incidence of adductor strains in professional ice hockey players, AJSM 29(2), 2001