PhysioU’s Patient Education: Connecting Clinicians to the People

Hi, I’m Michael Curtis, Editor of Patient Education for PhysioU. I want to introduce myself and let you know a little bit about PhysioU’s new Patient Education and what we have in store for you.

A Little About Me

First of all, I’m a PT, and I love my job. In my spare time, I write weekly content on my website,, where my goal is to provide expert advice to the general public about a variety of topics related to health, wellness, fitness, and PT.

I’m joining together with PhysioU for two reasons:

  1. I believe in what PhysioU is doing. Nowhere else can clinicians access such a comprehensive set of tools for clinical reasoning. The team is constantly looking to improve the apps and push us to be better at what we do.

  2. I believe PhysioU can do even more by tapping into the patient education. Let me explain:

The Need

As Physical Therapists, we’re constantly honing our skills, looking for ways to be better clinicians in order to better treat our patients.

But have you ever thought about what happens to our patients outside the clinic? What happens after they’re discharged? What about the people out there who haven’t been to PT and are searching for answers?

How can we reach beyond the walls of the treatment room and offer our expertise to establish our role as “the trusted go-to source” for everything related to movement, health, wellness, fitness, pain, injury, and rehabilitation?

If we don’t put ourselves out there, people will find someone else - and who knows what advice they’ll be given?

The Proposal

So here’s what I propose:

I propose we share relevant content related to all things PT, health, wellness, fitness, etc. with our patients, friends, and family, on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Linkedin, MySpace (just kidding), through email… you name it.

Let's get in front of people and let them know that we can be trusted - that we are professionals you can go to for answers.

The Plan

PhysioU will be publishing a Patient Education article regularly for you to share.

The topics will be wide-ranging. Basically, anything related to PT, health, wellness, and fitness that will be engaging and helpful to people in the non-medical community.

We need your help with this! Let us know what topics you think would be helpful.

Give us a comment! Or, fill in below quick survey!

We at PhysioU are excited about the possibilities of the Patient Education. With your help, we can bridge the gap between clinician and patient.