4 Tips for Buttock Pain With Driving

Summer is the time a lot of our patients will be taking vacations, many of which will be long road trips.  How many times have you gotten the complaint of buttock pain following a particularly long car ride?  What are some potential sources of this pain?  

My opinion: Secondary Piriformis syndrome.  Most car seats are designed like buckets to put us in a slouched, relaxed position - it's comfortable at first, but after a couple of hours, we start squirming.  With a posterior pelvic tilt and flexed spine, the major pressure points are at the Piriformis.  

Here's a simple explanation of how Secondary Piriformis Syndrome can be a likely source of buttock pain - along with a few other possibilities.  More importantly, there's also 4 tips for your patients to improve their positioning and prevent buttock pain during long car rides...Continue reading...