Clinical Pattern Recognition- Low back pain

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Low back pain
  • 1-year incidence of a first-ever episode of low back pain to range between 6.3% and 15.3%, while estimates of the 1-year incidence of any episode of low back pain range between 1.5% and 36%.

  • Low back pain is the leading cause of activity, limitation and work absence throughout much of the world and is associated with an enormous economic burden.

  • Individuals who have experienced activity-limiting low back pain often experience reoccurring episodes with estimates ranging between 24% and 33%.

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Meet the 6 common low back pain patients from the Clinical Practice Guidelines!

Clinical Pattern Recognition

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1.     Lumbar degenerative joint disease/facet syndrome- Low back pain and mobility deficits (1 min video)

2. Sciatica/disc herniation- Low back pain and radiating pain (1 min video)

3. Lumbar strain/instabilities- Low back pain and movement coordination impairments (1 min video)

4. Sacroiliac joint sprain- Pelvic girdle mobility deficits(1 min video)

5. Spinal stenosis- Low back pain with radiating pain (1 min video)

6. Psychologic overlay Depression/Anxiety/Fear leading to Chronic pain or central sensitization- Low back pain with cognitive and associative tendencies leading to Generalized pain