Mentoring Minutes: Cubital Tunnel Syndrome




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- most don’t need surgery, unless traumatic injury to elbow structure

- SOL: bone spur, ganglions, callus,

- Froment sign: weakness of adductor pollicus muscle, pt given a piece of paper and holds it together between the thumb and index finger (key pinch) with flexion of the thumb IP joint (because weakness of add poll muscle.

-Positive flexion sign at the elbow with supination and wrist extension reproducing the symptoms up to 60 seconds and ulnar nerve subluxation with elbow flexion can also be seen.

- treatment: braces, to limit flexion

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- 2nd most common peripheral nerve entrapment

- The cubital tunnel is formed by the cubital tunnel retinaculum which straddles a gap of about 4 mm between the medial epicondyle and the olecranon

- intraneural pressure associated with elbow flexion are believed to be key issues

-shape of the tunnel changes from an oval to an ellipse with elbow flexion. narrows the canal by 55%. , this compression can hinder blood flow;

-Elbow flexion, wrist extension and shoulder abduction increases intraneural pressure by six times.

- persons at risk_ holding prolonged flexion, prolonged position (tools, phones), pitchers at late cocking phase stresses nerve and tend to have mild boney changes at the elbow;

- 4th and 5th fingers parasthesia, or motor changes (clawing or abduction of little fingers

- elbow flexion test, tinnel, ULTT ulnar

-treatments: avoid prolonged flexion, nerve mobility,


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