Discogenic Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain with Related Leg Pain

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  • Is your patient experiencing diffuse or difficult to pin point pain that can travel down their leg? Take a look at some common clinical findings for discogenic lower back pain to see if signs and symptoms match up!

  • If you do not know the common clinical findings no problem! Click here



Image via Complete Anatomy 2018 by 3D4 Medical

Common Movement Fault

Typical mechanism of injury associated with discogenic lower back pain is bending forward to lift (often times heavy) objects. If the patient moves too readily through the lumbar spine and not enough through the hip (flexion movement fault), they are at a higher risk for back injury! (Click image to watch 1-2 minute video)

Special Tests

The above videos demonstrate how you can quickly screen for discogenic lower back pain via centralization phenomenon! (Click images (Left/Right) to watch 1-2 minute video)

Treatment/Therapeutic Exercise

Repeated extension in standing can be used as both a treatment and a therapeutic exercise that the patient can perform on their own. If patient is unable to perform in standing try prone on elbows! Lastly, do not forget to address the flexion movement fault not just in standing but sitting as well! (Click the images (Left/Right) to watch 1-2 minute video)