Lateral Epicondylalgia

Elbow Pain with Muscle Power Deficits

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  • Does your friend or family member have pain on the outside of their elbow? Does the pain get worse when they play tennis or golf?  Do they have pain with gripping? Lateral epicondylalgia is an overuse injury and is caused by repetitive motions.

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Image via Complete Anatomy 2018 by 3D4 Medical

Special Test

A common test to check if your patient has Lateral Epicondylalgia is to stretch and contract the extensor muscle group on the dorsal side of the forearm. This test puts the common extensor tendon on stretch and has the ability to reproduce symptoms. (Click image to watch 1-2 minute video)


Soft tissue mobilization of the wrist extensors has the ability to increase flexibility and decrease pain in the extensor muscle group. (Click image to watch 1-2 minute video)

Therapeutic Exercise

Eccentric exercises are a popular treatment used to strengthen the common extensor tendon. Your patients pain should not be over a 5 on the VAS scale while performing this exercise. As always, make sure to look for other associated impairments! (Click image to watch 1-2 minute video)