• Primary shoulder dislocate peaks in the second and sixth decade

  • 98% of cases, shoulder displaces anteriorly

  • 2% of cases, shoulder displaces posteriorly

  • 95% of first-time shoulder dislocations result from either a forceful collision, falling on an outstretched arm or a sudden wrenching movement

  • 5% of dislocations have an atraumatic origin (minor incidents such as raising the arm or moving during sleep

  • 70% of people who have dislocated can expect to dislocate again within 2 years of the initial injury

  • Younger and older subjects have a comparable incidence of primary shoulder dislocation

  • Incidence of recurrent dislocation is much more frequent in adolescent population

  • Dislocation reported to recur in:

    • 66% to 100% of people aged 20 years or under

    • 13% to 63% of people aged between 20 and 40 years old

    • 0% to 16% of people aged 40 years or older