Mentoring Minutes: Chronic Ankle Sprains

The all-to-common inversion ankle sprain. How to assess and treat to improve outcomes and limit them from turning into chronic ankle instability. Research is pretty clear: balance and proprioceptive training until the cows come home, then progress to single leg hopping.

Reference & Notes:

Van Ochten JM et al., Chronic Complaints After Ankle Sprains: A Systematic Review on Effectiveness of Treatments. JOSPT.  2014 Nov, 44:11, 862-71 

  • 23,000 ankle injuries daily; up to 34% of ankle sprains continue to have symptoms 6 months later.

  • 20 RCT’s included to evaluate most beneficial treatment for decreasing pain and function, and reducing recurrences.

  • Initial treatment: POLICE (Protected Optimal Loading, Ice, Compression Elevation;

  • Biggest benefit at 4 weeks was following proprioceptive training (use of wobble boards, discs, airex, bosu; progressed from eyes open to closed; static to dynamic training (Lateral and change or direction single limb hoping).