Faculty Webinar: Using Apps for Deep Learning in Physical Therapy Education

Join Dr. Michael Wong, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT and Dr. Emmanuel Yung
PT, DPT, OCS, MA, FAAOMPT in an interactive discussion about PhysioU apps deep learning and how the apps are being used in the classroom.

Covered Topics: Click here to watch videos

  1. Deep learning introduction and speaker profiles (3:40 minutes)

  2. Faculty challenges (9:21 minutes)

  3. Data from study about PhysioU apps effectiveness (3:33 minutes)

  4. Leveraging PhysioU across the curriculum: Gross Anatomy (10:13 minutes)

  5. Dr. Yung PhysioU integration sample (5:30 minutes)

  6. PhysioU integration: Cardiopulmonary class (1:03 minutes)

  7. Assistive devices and transfers app class integration (1:35 minutes)

  8. NeuroExam app simplifying the Neurology class (2:19 minutes)

  9. Orthopaedic class integration: The big picture (5:02 minutes)

  10. Transforming the way you teach movement: Gait App (3:11 minutes)

  11. Universities adopting or collaboration (1:14 minutes)

  12. New apps from PhysioU (1:45 minutes)

  13. How much does PhysioU cost (1:16 minutes)

  14. Free full Faculty access (0:37 minutes)

Student Access:

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