PhysioU transitioning to the future! We are moving to 100% web optimized platform, switch over today!

What’s happening?

PhysioU is investing heavily a web optimized platform that will function in all mobile devices including laptops and tablets. The next wave of PhysioU apps will include clinical reasoning development experiences, clinician centered patient care tool, and seamless evidence update capability.

We're closing the PhysioU: Complete Rehab Guide iOS & Android mobile apps by OCT 16, 2019.

<< Switch over to our web app

What does it mean to me?

If you are an iOS/Android user, please switch over to our web app as soon as possible. If you have never accessed the web app before, you can easily access our web app via or click this link and log-in with your PhysioU account info as usual. The functionalities and user experience of the web app are as good as mobile apps, if not better.

Here's a quick link to create a web app shortcut icon in your smartphone or tablet: HOW-TO add web app on your mobile devices?


Email us at if you need further support.