Interview by APTA's Student Assembly about Entrepreneurship in Physical Therapy

At CSM, Kyle Stapleton, APTA's Student Assembly Director of Communications interviewed PhysioU's founders Michael Wong and Marshall LeMoine.  Mike and Marshall are truly dedicated in creating amazing clinicians and are so thankful for sharing a little bit of their journey with you all.  Thank you Kyle for choosing us and taking time out for this interview. Mike and Marshall were once Physical Therapy students and are now teachers who have a passion to bring quality information for everyone to use and thrive.  We hope that their PhysioU journey will inspire you to pass knowledge in order to make someone else’s life a bit brighter than before.

See you at CSM 2019! We’re at booth #607!

CSM is only a week away! The PhysioU team will be speaking in multiple sessions at CSM in Washington DC. Here's the when, where, and what:

We're looking forward to seeing you at CSM. Please come by our booth to meet the team, learn more about PhysioU and all the new apps in the pipeline!

Here’s the exhibit hall hours :

Thu, Jan 24 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Fri, Jan 25 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Sat, Jan 26 9:30 am – 3:00 pm

EVERYDAY! Unopposed hours: 10:00 am – 11:00 am; 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

See you all at BOOTH #607!

User Perspective: How PhysioU helped my career?

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A PhysioU user story

Anthony Rork, PT, DPT, CSCS 
Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Denver Region 

"PhysioU, formally known as Clinical Practice Recognition, has been very helpful shaping my career as a PT. It became especially helpful when I began working a few months following graduation from PT school. In my first position as a PT, I was either working alone as the only therapist in the clinic or without access to mentorship. Like all PTs, I was focused on getting my patients better. As a new graduate, I didn’t necessarily feel like I had a significant amount of skills or the knowledge to truly do so.   

I did have access to my materials from PT school, various journal articles, and textbooks.  I felt like all these resources were in a way “2 dimensional” in relation to my tendency to be a visual learner. CPR/PhysioU was a learning resource that seemed to come to life and acted like the mentor I needed. I not only enjoyed watching the videos for a better understanding on how to perform various manual techniques/patient exercises. But I also would follow up on the included journal articles about the material to better understand the evidence. 

I was fortunate to be exposed to CPR/PhysioU by Dr. Yung at a spinal exam/treatment course at MGH Hospital in Boston. Since my introduction to the app, I have been sure to mention it to my other PT classmates and coworkers as I make my PT career journey. Also from personal experience and those of my classmates, it can be helpful for PTs to continue learning when they are temporary sidelined from their career. Examples include: whether it’s an injury, waiting for a visa status to change, or just being between jobs. I currently continue to use it at my most recent position even though I am in a great mentoring environment. CPR/PhysioU is like that teacher you always wanted! Thanks!"

Thank you for sharing your personal story about PhysioU, Anthony! It is very rewarding to learn how PhysioU impacts our users in so many ways.

If you have a story like, Anthony, we love to hear it! Please submit it here or email to Thank you again for being part of the PhysioU family!

APTA CSM 2018 Insider's Chat & Thank You!

We hope you all had a successful Sprint Forward and wanted to open this week with a special thank you to all of you that came by to connect with us at CSM NOLA. Can you believe that by next week, CSM would've been a month ago?! Talk about conference withdrawal symptoms.

In any case, two of our founders Drs. Michael Wong & Marshall LeMoine put together this thank you video along with a little insider's chat about what's next!

Also, thank you for your positive feedback and kind words! We look forward to seeing you all next year at Washington, DC!

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Welcome Dr. Jonathan Hartman!

Hello, my name is Dr. Jonathan Hartman, contributing editor of sports health education for PhysioU.

This year I will be focusing on evidence-based sport specific training and rehabilitation for the higher level athlete. I wanted to introduce myself and talk to you about how I will be doing this for this pt population.

I am a licensed PT OCS CSCS, and I have completed my postdoctoral orthopaedic residency and sports orthopaedic fellowship at Kaiser West LA. This coming year I will be starting another year-long postdoctoral fellowship focused on spine rehabilitation. I played lacrosse in college where I had many injuries, from there I started to intern as an athletic trainer for the three years where I was focusing on rugby, Mens/Womens soccer. There are many ways in which I think current concepts about training and rehabilitation for the athlete can be improved using evidence-based practice and that will be my goal with these articles. My main goal is to provide current, reliable, evidence-based information on topics related to training form, athletic injury prevention/rehabilitation, and patient education. This forum will be a great opportunity to reach a larger audience and spread the evidence-based knowledge, tips, and tricks I have gained in my practice thus far. Physio U is at the forefront of progressing our practice and developing a new easily accessible standard of evidence-based care.  Hopefully, my articles will allow fact and fiction to be demystified, and reliable information can be spread throughout the Athletic community. I hope that you comment and feel free to contact us with any topics you may like to see in the future, again my name is Dr. Jonathan Hartman and I hope you're as excited as I am to really dive into these topics this year with me.