PT/PTA Faculty webinar: Teaching movement with mobile apps- Gait/Neuro/Peds/Ortho

Overcoming the challenges of teaching human movement using new mobile apps to enhance deep learning in physical therapy education.

Join Dr. Michael Wong, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT and Dr. James Syms, PT, DSc in an interactive discussion about developing and using mobile apps to teach human movement. 

1. Teaching movement with mobile apps- Gait/Neuro/Peds/Ortho

2. How we train students to learn about movement

3. A glimpse into the future with functional movement app & Neurologic movement Dysfunction app

4. Open discussion with faculty group 

Many PT/PTA schools are using PhysioU as the required learning tool and  beta testing in the classroom. Our top-rated clinical reasoning apps are making a huge impact on thousands of students. 

Great news for the Physical Therapy community!


While we are busy building the latest evidence-based learning tools to enhance Physical Therapy education, the PhysioU team is delighted to extend a two-week unlimited access free trial to our web app

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Check out these behind-the-scenes videos and see the experts in action.

NeuroRX: PNF

Assistive Devices, Transfers, Gait Training

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

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How to make the NeuroExam app better than 5 stars!

We were excited to see the 5-star review that iMedicalapps gave to NeuroExam.

Over the last quarter, the students have been telling us how useful the app has been, but one key thing is always difficult. When to perform a test is just as important as knowing all the tests!

At PhysioU we are fully invested in helping clinicians make better decisions, not just learn a bunch of techniques.

So we started dreaming about how to make it clear when to use all the tests that were being taught.

It was over the phone while driving when Kathy said,” Dude….. I think I got it! Let's film real patients with real disorders as examples for when certain types of testing would be indicated!”

Boom! That’s how it’s done. A new button will be placed in each section of the NeuroExam app that will have Clinical Findings (Videos of patients with Balance problems, Tone problems, Sensation problems….)

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.15.21 AM.png

Then all the testing below all of a sudden makes sense!

Context is everything!

We are setting up filming of all the neuro patients over the next month. Updates will be on the way!

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