Ankle sprain

Ankle Sprains Part II: Getting Back to Running


In Part I of the ankle sprain blog, we went over some basic anatomy, types of ankle sprains, causes, and acute treatment. Now in Part II we will focus on the post acute phase. Research has shown that exercise therapy is an essential element to treatment ankle sprains. Therefore, my goal is to illustrate to you some components to focus after you have surpassed the acute phase of your injury. The focal point will be centered on working towards getting you back to running!

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Clinical Pattern Recognition- Ankle & Foot Pain

From anatomy to discovering the patient!

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  • Ankle joint accounts for 10% to 34% of all sport-related injuries, with lateral ankle sprain comprising 77% to 83% of these injuries
  • The overall incidence of lateral ankle sprain may be underestimated because approximately 50% do not seek medical attention after injury
  • 100% of 117 therapists who responded noted plantar fasciitis was the most common foot condition seen in the clinic
  • In the athletic population, plantar fasciitis is a common injury reported by both high school, competitive and recreational distance runners

See more prevalence information in the Clinical Pattern Recognition: Orthopaedics app here

Meet the 8 common ankle/foot pain patients from the Achilles Tendonitis Clinical Practice Guidelines, Ankle Stability and Movement Coordination Clinical Practice Guidelines, Heel Pain Clinical Practice Guidelines, and MORE!

Clinical Pattern Recognition

Click on the pain pattern to learn about the patients and develop your clinical patterns!

2. Ankle arthrosis- Ankle pain and mobility deficits (Watch 1 min video)

2. Achilles tendinosis- Ankle stiffness and muscle power deficits (Watch 1 min video | Step-by-step Guide)

3. Tibialis anterior tendonitis/Medial tibial stress syndrome- Leg pain and muscle power deficits (Watch 1 minute video)

4.  Ankle sprain- Ankle stability and movement coordination impairments (Watch 1 min video | Step-by-Step Guide)

5. Hallux rigidus- Great toe pain and mobility deficits (Watch 1 min video)

6. Posterior tibialis tendinitis/tendinosis- Ankle pain and muscle power deficits (Watch 1 min video | Step-by-Step Guide)

7. Plantar fasciitis - Heel pain (Watch 1 min video | Step-by-Step Guide)

8. Tarsal tunnel syndrome- Ankle and foot radiating pain (Watch 1 min video)