Gait app update!

As cool as the Gait app is…. Something was bugging me about the Learn Phase…

We knew that when trying to teach clinicians and students about complex movements, watching videos was “information overload to the max!”

Like drinking out of a fire hydrant!

fire hydrant

So…. we built the learn phase specifically to facilitate learning. You could reference a picture of a real human in different phases of gait (No more stick figures!)

You could learn how to define phases of gait, range of motion requirements and muscle activity during the different phases, and critical events.

The tricky part was moving in between phases! That’s why we built a new feature to help you navigate the different phases without having to go back to the main menu!

gait 1
gait 2

I like this new version soooo much better!

Update your Gait app on iTune and Google Play today to benefit from the new Phase buttons!

Learning gait has never been easier!