Hip Adductor Strain

Mentoring Minutes: Hip Adductor Strain

Hip Adductor Strain Part 1

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—Incidence: (Orchard et al, AJSM 2014) . 
o Soccer: 6 per 1000 player games
o Ice Hockey: 3.2 per 1000 player games
o Football: >23,000 over 10 years
o Average 12 days lost
—The Epidemiology of professional ice hockey injuries: a prospective report of six NHL seasons. (McKay, J Sports Med 2014
o 617 groin injuries, >90% non-contact;
o Training camp > regular season > playoffs
-62% adductor longus
-Conflicting data on playing surface (turf vs grass) and shoe type

—Risk Factors (Engebretsen, AJSM 10)
o Previous injury- strongest predictor
o Offseason training > 18 sessions: 3x decreased risk

—Mechanism of injury: 
o Eccentric contraction; Sudden ER and adduction, sudden stop/change of direction

o Flexibility: conflicting evidence about hip ROM (Tak, BJSM, 2017)
o Strength: Eccentric weakness (Thorborg, ortho J Sports med, 14)
o Muscle Imbalance: hip add to abd strength ratio: Adductors < abductors (17x increased risk) Tyler TF et al. The association of hip strength and flexibility with the incidence of adductor strains in professional ice hockey players, AJSM 29(2), 2001

ACL Surgery - Getting Back To Your Sport

ACL return to sport.jpeg

ACL surgeries - We've all heard the success stories of pro athletes coming back to their sport after 6 months and dominating.

But for every success story, there's also re-injuries that can and do happen following ACL surgeries.  

That's why we need to look at the evidence of how long is best to wait before returning to sports...

If you work with athletes, you know that getting back as quickly as possible is usually priority #1, especially with the younger population.  

In addition to the time factor, motivation is another issue.  Although some athletes work really hard and get to where they need to be, others fade out after only a few months, losing motivation, figuring they'll be fine once they reach the date the surgeon told them they could return to their sport. 

In this week's article, we'll look at
- How long is best to wait before returning to sports
- How much time to spend in PT
- What physical requirements you should meet before returning to sports

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