Shoulder Impingement


Movement Faults

Postural and movement faults tend to be common in individuals with sub-acromial pain syndrome with downward rotation, depression, abduction, anterior tilt, and winging being common scapular faults, and internal rotation along with anterior glide being common humeral faults. Excessive thoracic spine kyphosis can also contribute! Take a look at how scapular downward rotation is assessed and corrected! (Click image to watch 1-2 minute video)

Treatment & Therapeutic Exercise

If the patient presents with scapular downward rotation or depression during shoulder elevation, it is likely that the serratus anterior and/or lower trapezius are not activating properly. Wall slides are an excellent exercise to reinforce activation of these muscles and improve potential movement faults! (Click image to watch 1-2 minute video)

*Clinical Side Note: As always, assess the patient as a whole. It is highly likely that other contributing factors are present! Tackle the impairment that is contributing the most and address the others as treatment progresses.