Spinal Stenosis

Top 5 Exercises For Spinal Stenosis

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Unfortunately, the natural course of medical treatment for many patients with Spinal Stenosis typically ends in surgery.  

Our patients need to know that long-term outcome studies show patients who get surgery compared with those who get conservative treatment have similar outcomes. 

Here's a few excerpts from this week's Patient Education Article on Spinal Stenosis:

"Seeing that you have a good likelihood of improving with conservative treatment and a good likelihood of NOT worsening over time, it makes good sense to try conservative treatment first – and to give it all you’ve got. There’s always the option for surgery later, and even then, outcomes are good."

"Improving your mobility – not only in the lumbar region, but in surrounding body regions, as well – can dramatically improve your function."

"Exercise has positive, symptom-reducing effects and is very important in the plan of care for Spinal Stenosis."

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