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2017 was big for PhysioU...2018 is even bigger!

What we have accomplished in 2017


PhysioU has expanded!

On top of the completion of our flagship Clinical Pattern Recognition: Orthorpaedic Suite (Now it’s officially available in all eight body regions!), we have EXPANDED our library of PhysioU apps to other fields.

  • Neuroexam: A complete guide to performing a neurological evaluation

  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation: Enhance rehabilitation practice for common cardiopulmonary conditions with real patient videos, examination, and treatments
  • Range of Motion, Manual Muscle Test, & Palpation: Range of motion, Muscle strength testing and key palpation assessments for all regions of the body
  • Gait: Taking movement analysis to the next level! Learn about gait analysis with this top-rated learning program!


Major web app overhaul

We are stepping up the game from Web 1.0 to 2.0, and upgraded the whole web app!

  • Web app 2.0 has a much better navigation experience.
  • It has a centralized library system to host all PhysioU apps in one place.
  • The web app now works on any laptop and mobile device as long as there’s internet connection.
  • We added a SHARE feature in every single page in the web app where you can easily send a specific treatment or test to your peers or patients. Sharing is caring!
  • (For our Chinese users) Chinese text is 100% available in the Clinical Pattern Recognition: Orthopaedic Suite. Thanks to our Chinese medical expert team!

Don't stop here...see what we have in the pipeline this year. 


2018, PhysioU is taking learning to the next level.

The team is now busy designing, filming, editing and coding this huge list of new apps for our users. Make sure you sign up for our Weekly Insider to get the most up-to-date product info!


Assistive devices/transfers/Gait training

Fitting assistive devices, teaching the appropriate gait pattern and helping with bed mobility and transfers is the “door" to an active life for many of our patients! This app simplifies the learning and equips you with the skills to help your patients take their first steps back to full recovery!


PNF app

Explore the principals of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, watch and learn from a PNF specialist how to perform all the most common techniques with integration of the techniques into functional activities! Unleash the power of PNF in your practice today!

Pediatric development

Another powerful new release by PhysioU in the making.

Month by month developmental milestones to help clinicians learn and recognize normal development of an infant through the first year of life.


Functional Movement Analysis

In collaboration with top researchers in the field of movement analysis, PhysioU builds on it’s top-rated Gait app to create the first app of it’s kind. Analysis of common functional movements in multiple views, Slow motion and real-time range of motion and muscle activity. The future of movement analysis has arrived!


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