The Big ROM/MMT/Palpation Update

Movement specialists rejoice!

As a big update to the ROM MMT and Palpation app, we have added new tools to help you bridge the gap from Gross Anatomy to Orthopaedics! Part of our skill set as Physical Therapists is built around assessing the foundational components of human movement!

In our first update to the ROM MMT app, we released Bony landmark palpations... for 2018 we are proud to announce Soft tissue palpations are now updated in App with "clinical pearls" linked to research for various muscles! Learn how to palpate key soft tissue structures with our clinical specialist Dr. Dan Farwell!


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Anterior neck

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Manual Muscle Test App Update: PhysioU OINF!

PhysioU OINF! Update (Origin, Insertion, Nerve, Fuction)

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Latest update:

Origin, Insertion, Innervation and Action table added for common muscles related to our Range of Motion, Manual Muscle Test app! Click below and scroll to the bottom of the page!


Your 18-year-old high school football player experienced a shoulder dislocation 3 days ago, which was reduced on the field. He reports difficulty with raising his arm in abduction, which nerve may be involved in this upper extremity nerve injury?

a.     Long thoracic nerve see answer

b.     Axillary nerve see answer

c.     Median nerve see answer

d.     Musculocutaneous nerve see answer