APTA CSM 2018: Motor Control Training for the Upper Quarter Athlete

Stephania Bell, PT, CSCS, OCS
Marshall LeMoine, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT
Michael Wong, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT


Shoulder muscle dysfunction is often reported in the literature related to common upper quarter pathologies. It is well established that “Motor changes in the presence of pain and /or injury present across a spectrum from subtle changes in sharing of load between synergist muscles to a complete avoidance of movement.”

During motor coordination retraining, consider the following paradigm as a way to organize and progress your movement retraining.


1.     Activation or facilitation of established muscle impairments


2.     Exercises that increase middle and lower trapezius activity: Add external rotation component to exercise


3.     To improve Serratus anterior activation with less pectoralis minor activation


4.     For functional serratus anterior activation


5.     To decrease upper trapezius activity while increasing MT/LT activity


6.     Decrease pectoralis minor activity- Avoid closed chain or use open chain elevation with external rotation resistance


7.     Optimal exercise for restoring intramuscular trapezius muscle balance: UT/LT


8.     Optimal exercise for restoring intramuscular trapezius muscle balance: UT/MT


9.     Decrease levator scapulae activity


Shoulder Motor Control | Phase I

1.     Scapula control


2.     Humeral horizontal abduction with scapular control


3.     Increasing elevation with scapular control

4.     Return to function      

The PhysioU team is coming to CSM 2018!!

CSM is only a week away! The PhysioU team will be speaking in multiple sessions at CSM in New Orleans. Here's the when, where, and what:

Session #1: Thursday, February 22, 2018 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM




Session #3: Saturday, February 24, 2018 3:00 PM - 5:00 P

We're looking forward to seeing you at CSM. Please come by our booth to meet the team, learn more about PhysioU and MOST IMPORTANTLY we will be revealing two new apps -PhysioU: Assistive Devices, Transfers, Gait Training & PhysioU Complete Rehab Guide during this event! Be the first to try them out! 

See you all at BOOTH #1708!

Welcome Dr. Jessica Mena to the PhysioU family

Please join us to welcome Dr. Jessica Mena who is joining the PhysioU team as the Contributing Editor of Sports Health!

In early 2017, her passion for physical therapy and running inspired her to launch her website in efforts to extend her reach to the large running community.  Here she provides evidence based articles related to injury education, training, and injury prevention to the public. Her goal is to continue to represent the physical therapy field within the active community. She currently assists with 3 local running groups, and provides pro-bone running clinics for underserving high schools in the San Fernando Valley.

Look out for what she has to say about Sports Health starting next week! 

Congrats to Dr. Allison Breakey and Dr. Regina Siciliano!

Speaking of mentoring, Sacred Heart University professor and Physio U's Dr. Yung is extremely proud of his former DPT students and mentees, Dr. Allison Breakey (APTA video below) and Dr. Regina Siciliano (photo under comment below). Alli currently serves as the APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors, Student PT delegate while Regina serves as the PT Political Action Committee, student liaison. Both are doing an outstanding job representing all student physical therapy members of the APTA in their respective roles. Below video is found in this APTA link.

Next to Alli Breakey and Regina Siciliano are PhysioU's Dr. Yung and Dr. Victor Vaughan, who is a champion of physical therapy advocacy in the state of Connecticut.

Here is Alli's tweet about PhysioU/Clinical Pattern Recognition: