Patient Education

How To Treat Cubital Tunnel Syndrome


Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is the most common ulnar nerve entrapment in the upper extremity...

Great news for us therapists and for patients is that simple advice to change contributing positions or repetitive motions will, oftentimes, be all the patient needs to see a major reduction in symptoms.

Nerve gliding techniques have also been shown to be beneficial in reducing symptoms and getting patients back to function...

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Little League Elbow - Exercises & Advice

UCL Sprain.jpeg

Repeated forceful throwing or pitching can put excessive stress on the elbow.  This is why pitchers are limited in the amount of pitches they can throw per day.  

It's one thing to limit the amount of pitches, and another to identify the pitchers mechanics and any impairments they may have that contribute to increased stress at the elbow...

Some common impairments that can be improved to relieve stress at the elbow include

  • Shoulder mobility
  • Rotator cuff strength
  • Scapular strength
  • Thoracic mobility
  • Hip mobility

In this week's patient education article, we aim to educate the pitcher about these important details and offer some simple exercises with videos to get started on...

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Tennis Elbow: Finding Relief For The Long-Term

Tennis Elbow.jpeg

Tennis Elbow can be frustrating...

Not only do most of our patients with Tennis Elbow not play tennis...they also are frustrated with how long it can last!  

"How many months has it been, and I still feel the same?!"

 The best way to ease frustration is with education.  Our patients need to understand what Tennis Elbow is, how long it lasts, and what the best ways are to treat it.  

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Exercises To Improve Elbow Stiffness

Post immobilization elbow stiff.jpeg

Your patients need to know:

If you hurt your elbow - like get a fracture or have it dislocated - there's a good chance you will need it immobilized for several weeks...

And when it's get's STIFF!

Here's how to prevent a stiff elbow during the immobilization process and, if it does get stiff, how to stretch it...

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Developing Shoulder Stability


The shoulder is the most inherently un-stable joint in the whole body...this is why developing shoulder stability is crucial - especially for the overhead athlete in sports like:

  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Swimming

Strengthening the Rotator Cuff and Scapular Stabilizers is key...along with improving proprioception to maximize stability in the shoulder

Ultimately we want to help our patients prevent injury and maximize performance.

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