Which PhysioU option is suitable for me?

The PhysioU team spent the last 5 years developing a series of top rated clinical reasoning software. Many schools have already adopted PhysioU as the required learning tool and have made a huge impact on thousands of students. Worth hundreds of dollars of textbook materials, now they are available in the palm of your hands at an affordable price. 

Web: All-in-one Family Suite

One-time fee.Lifetime membership.


A 40% off discount is applied during the 2-week free trial.

Thousands of HD videos. 24/7 access. Regular updates. 

  • Clinical Pattern Recognition Orthopaedic Full Body Suite
  • Gait
  • NeuroExam
  • ROM, MMT & Palpation
  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Assistive Devices
  • PNF (Coming Soon)
  • Child Development (Coming Soon)
  • Functional Movement (Coming Soon)

Web suite can be viewed on mobile devices within data/wifi network.


Mobile: Pick-n-Choose Apps

Clinical Pattern Recognition Orthopaedic Full Body Suite | 99.99 | iTUNES / GOOGLE PLAY

Gait | $19.99 | iTUNES / GOOGLE PLAY

NeuroExam | $19.99 | iTUNES / GOOGLE PLAY

Range of Motion, Manual Muscle Test & Palpation | $19.99 | iTUNES / GOOGLE PLAY

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation | $19.99 | iTUNES / GOOGLE PLAY

Mobile apps are sold separately and only work on mobile devices.

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