PhysioU, Your #1 Rehab Guide!

The PhysioU team spent the last 5 years developing a series of top rated clinical reasoning software. Many schools have already adopted PhysioU as the required learning tool and have made a huge impact on thousands of students and clinicians. Worth hundreds of dollars of textbook materials, now they are available in the palm of your hands at an affordable price. 

Complete Rehab Guide

One-Time Fee


Applications included

  • Clinical Pattern Recognition Orthopaedic Full Body Suite

  • Gait

  • NeuroExam

  • ROM, MMT & Palpation

  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

  • Assistive Devices, Transfers, Gait Training

  • PNF (Coming Soon)

  • Child Development (Coming Soon)

  • Functional Movement (Coming Soon)

Premium feature

  • One-time fee

  • Lifetime membership

  • Thousands of instructional HD videos

  • Produced by World-Class medical experts

  • 24 hours, 7 days unlimited access

  • Free regular evidence-based updates

  • Available on Web and Mobile with data/wifi network.


A-la-Carte Mobile Apps

Clinical Pattern Recognition Orthopaedic Full Body Suite | US$99.99 | iOS / Android

Gait | US$19.99 | iOS / Android

NeuroExam | US$19.99 | iOS / Android / iBook

Range of Motion, Manual Muscle Test & Palpation | US$19.99 | iOS / Android

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation | US$19.99 | iOS / Android / iBook

Mobile apps are sold separately and only work on mobile devices.


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