Student Expert

PhysioU Student Experts (Beta)

The ultimate mission at PhysioU has always been to create a social sphere that spreads a culture of excellence throughout the clinical community. As we are quickly growing, we are now looking for student leaders who like to set the curve, are ahead of their years, or, have the heart to become such a leader.

We, are looking for Student Experts.


The founders of PhysioU began this journey of blending education, technology, and clinical excellence with a mission to bring residency and fellowship level musculoskeletal clinical reasoning, curated in an efficient and playable format. In doing so, the process of both skill building and healthcare delivery becomes inherently dynamic, compared to the more traditional static or pulsatile methods of learning.

As we believe strongly in paying it forward to future generations, the PhysioU Student Experts program includes many benefits, such as:

  • A lifetime free web access to all PhysioU products

  • An inner circle, clinical reasoning group

  • Becoming featured on the PhysioU Student Expert page

  • Beta testing pre-released PhysioU apps & exclusive content

  • Presentation opportunities as national conferences such as CSM & NSC

Our goal is to equip hand picked student leaders who have a passion in elevating the physical therapy learning experience, and by doing so, raise the bar the moment they graduate.

Who We Are Looking For

The ideal Student Expert candidate starts with a willing and learning heart; one who wishes to become an influencer and leader or is well on their way on a leadership path. While not necessary, social media savviness is a plus. Ultimately, an ambassador is an individual who is comfortable in front of crowds, creative, resourceful, and socially energetic. Most importantly, a Student Expert isn’t all these things, now.

A PhysioU Student Expert is someone who is willing to learn and become the leaders of tomorrow.

How To Apply

As you consider throwing your hat into the ring, we really just want to get to know you. Linked in the button below is our candidacy form. More than anything, we wish to understand your personality, your background, and your career goals in clinical care.

Growth requires a challenging environment with nurturing soil. Our first challenge will be not only filling out the candidacy form. We will also ask that you link us a short 30 second introduction video in the appropriate area within the candidacy application form.

Good luck & talk to you soon!