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Thousands of students are using PhysioU as their must-have learning guide in the classrooms, and clinical as their go-to visual refresher and board exam prep tool. Get your PhysioU today with a 40% off student rate, and ace through school like an expert clinician!


Unbeatable Student Rate

$4.50 $7.50/month

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Unlimited Access to Current & Future Apps

In Development

  • PNF

  • Pediatrics Development

  • Patient Education

  • Medical Screening

  • Neuroanatomy

  • Neurologic Movement Dysfunction

  • Neuroanatomy Jeopardy

  • Wound Care

  • Exercise Patterns

  • Functional Movement

Unlimited Access to Premium Features

Empowering visuals with detailed guides 

Thousands of high definition videos of movement patterns, diagnostic tests, and treatment techniques with step-by-step audio instructions. Our tools simplify pattern recognition from classroom to clinic.

Easy access:  anywhere,  anytime.

Available on all iOS and Android smartphones & tablets, as well as laptops. Information is easily accessible to you on the go with data/WiFi connection.

Evidence updates instant and free

Gone are the days of waiting for textbook updates to learn the most current evidence.  By creating digital tools, updates happen instantaneously at your fingertips. 

World class medical expert collaboration

We partner with top of the line medical professionals and leading educators to deliver world-class solutions to you.

Why Student Users love PhysioU

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