Hamstring Strains: What to Expect and How to Get Back Out There


Did you know that hamstring strains are a common lower extremity injury that occur at all level of sports?  

However, the top sports prone to this injury are track and field, football, and rugby. Curious as to why these sports specifically? Well all 3 of them require high sprinting demands. Hamstring injuries tends to happen during the terminal swing phase of running gait, here the hamstring is not only under large stress but it is also at its most stretched position. So a combination of loading and stretching all at once sometimes leads to muscle tearing.  

Do your patients know that PT can aide in recovery and return to sport?

In this week's article, we will go over hamstring injury grades, risk factors, and how to go about the process of helping your patients heal from this injury and work towards getting back to sport! 


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