PhysioU: Assistive Devices, Transfers, Gait Training app is finally here!

New apps for our PhysioU family!

Do you remember how hard it was to learn about transfers, gait patterns and assistive devices by reading it from a book?

Do you wish you could send your patient a video of Modified 3 point gait using the crutches you just fitted them with?

The new PhysioU: Assistive Devices, Gait training and Transfers app is now an upgrade to your current app suite!


Assistive device fitting

loftstrand crutch fitting

Gait patterns for all the assistive devices (right and left limb videos included)

Axillary crutches

Stair training

Axillary crutches

Bed mobility

Bed moblity

Sit to stand/Stand to sit

Axillary crutches


right lower extremity

Wheelchair fitting

arm rest height

Share all of these instructions directly to your patients!

share a page

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