Welcome Dr. Jonathan Hartman!

Hello, my name is Dr. Jonathan Hartman, contributing editor of sports health education for PhysioU.

This year I will be focusing on evidence-based sport specific training and rehabilitation for the higher level athlete. I wanted to introduce myself and talk to you about how I will be doing this for this pt population.

I am a licensed PT OCS CSCS, and I have completed my postdoctoral orthopaedic residency and sports orthopaedic fellowship at Kaiser West LA. This coming year I will be starting another year-long postdoctoral fellowship focused on spine rehabilitation. I played lacrosse in college where I had many injuries, from there I started to intern as an athletic trainer for the three years where I was focusing on rugby, Mens/Womens soccer. There are many ways in which I think current concepts about training and rehabilitation for the athlete can be improved using evidence-based practice and that will be my goal with these articles. My main goal is to provide current, reliable, evidence-based information on topics related to training form, athletic injury prevention/rehabilitation, and patient education. This forum will be a great opportunity to reach a larger audience and spread the evidence-based knowledge, tips, and tricks I have gained in my practice thus far. Physio U is at the forefront of progressing our practice and developing a new easily accessible standard of evidence-based care.  Hopefully, my articles will allow fact and fiction to be demystified, and reliable information can be spread throughout the Athletic community. I hope that you comment and feel free to contact us with any topics you may like to see in the future, again my name is Dr. Jonathan Hartman and I hope you're as excited as I am to really dive into these topics this year with me.