How PhysioU enhances learning in the classroom?

Many schools are using PhysioU as the required learning tool and  beta testing in the classroom. Our top-rated clinical reasoning apps are making a huge impact on thousands of students. 

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We are a heavily technique based profession. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an archive of videos is priceless! (We have built both Pattern Recognition development apps, and technique archives for easy access to large amounts of information. These videos are all available for faculty to download and embed into their lectures!)


Students need learning tools that can span multiple classes. We are all constrained by the design of our program curriculum. Inevitably, classes will be taught in small, relatively disjointed pieces. Clinical Pattern Recognition was built to include, modalities, range of motion/strength testing, orthopaedics examination/treatment and therapeutic exercises to bridge the gap.

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Context creates order, by pre-populating the student’s mind ahead of time with clinical patterns, techniques and exercises, everything begins to make sense. Without context, a high volume of techniques and tests becomes an enemy of learning  and application.


Students have different learning styles. Listen, watch, read, tap/swipe! Our student users report that they value being able to play through our apps at their own speed and on their own time!



What OT faculty members & students are saying about PhysioU

The NeuroExam portion of the PhysioU app has been extremely helpful for students when reviewing testing for both stroke and spinal cord. It provides a step by step guide and video to review during their hands on practice in labs.  I would highly recommend this for any student and practitioner!
— Kelsee Hove, OTD, OTR/L, CBIS Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
This app has been extremely helpful during both my kinesiology class and orthotic fabrication/hands class. It is a great tool to utilize when you need extra explanation/demonstration outside of the classroom to practice and review skills.
— Keli Zemke, OTD student
“Unlike other students, I don’t have a photographic memory. I’m the type of student that will visit and revisit the material in order for me to understand it. The PhysioU website allows me to do just that! The website itself is very easy to navigate and the material on the website is clear, concise, and extremely informative.”
— Lizette Cruz, OTD student
PhysioU brings the textbook to real life! PhysioU has been a vital asset for my doctorate level occupational therapy students and should be incorporated into every OT program.
— David Plutschack, OTD, OTR/L, BCPR, CLT, CEASII Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy

How an OT student uses the Splinting app

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