How set up PhysioU Education Discount for your students


1. Buy direct on PhysioU website

  • Students can buy directly on and take advantage of the 40% off education rate with instant account activation.

  • Simply forward below email to your students, and they will get all the information they need to purchase the full library of PhysioU apps.


Dear Students,

Our program has enrolled in the PhysioU Education community to help with your studying and clinical needs. Everyone in the program is eligible for a 40% off student rate.

Directions to purchase:

  1. Go to

  2. Apply code EDU40 to get the student discount

If you have any questions related to PhysioU, please contact for support. 

Your Professor


2. Financial Aid

The PhysioU team can work directly with your school’s bookstore or financial aid office to get it set up. If you are interested to find out more, please send request to

3. Group Purchase

If you are interested to purchase multiple licenses of the PhysioU suite for your students, please send your request to with the number of students and billing information. Our team will issue an invoice to your school. Upon payment, we will send a list of activation codes to you.

4. Individual iOS app purchases

If you are interested in a specific iOS app on Apple App Store, the easiest way to get a volume discount for your students is to enroll into the Apple for Education program. You will get 50% off on select mobile apps listed on the app store. 

Follow this link to enroll: