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Thanks for your kind words, tim!

How Tim Woo applies the PhysioU apps in his student career. 

A PhysioU user from China

We are pleased to share this testimonial from one of our PhysioU users in China. It's very rewarding to know that our learning tools have such positive impact on a global scale. 

Combined sections Meeting 2017

We were delighted to have the opportunity to speak in CSM, meet up with so many of our users, and hear what they have to say about their PhysioU moment. 

Dr. Michael Wong and PhysioU at CSM 2017

A blogspot by Matthew Villegas, a student DPT.

Thank you for your support!

Our Gait app is ranked one of the top 50 Paid iPad App on iTune!

Our Clinical pattern recognition orthopaedic suite is officially top rated on Google Play!

PhysioU: NeuroExam app is a great resource for improving your neurologic exam

We're pleased to share that, another one of our apps has been reviewed by iMedicalApps: The NeuroExam App!

The app is available in iOS, Android, and the Web app.

Musculoskeletal Science and Practice

Congratulations to Dr. Yung and Dr. Wong of PhysioU and co-author Dr. Erica Barton whose journal article is now available online at Musculoskeletal Science and Practice (formerly "Manual Therapy" journal, one of the most prestigious physical therapy journal in the world). Click here for the abstract of the accepted article.

Pattern: Separating the common from the uncommon

PTpintcast interviews Mike Wong, current physical therapist at Loma Linda University Medical Center Orthopaedic Outpatient Clinic and assistant professor at Azusu Pacific University. Mike discusses his experience with developing the Clinical Pattern Recognition and its application to current students and new practitioners..

Neuro Exam: There's an app for that

PTpintcast interviews Kathy Kumagai Shimamura at the National Student Conclave about her recently developed app, Neuro Exam.