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How Jordan Cossin used PhysioU in PT school & prepped for his interview?

Top 10 Reasons Why Students PhysioU

  1. Bye Bye Textbook: Don’t need a textbook when using these apps

  2. Simpler Terms: Great study tool, breaking things down into simpler terms

  3. A Guide to Patient’s Signs and Symptoms (video is coming soon)

  4. Digital Cheatsheet: Having time to look at something before an eval

  5. Making International Waves: Use PhysioU to teach (video is coming soon)

  6. Everything is Categorized: Great way to have all the information categorized

  7. Best After-Class Refresher: Helps to refresh memory to do certain techniques

  8. It’s A Lifesaver: Easy to look up differential diagnosis

  9. Simple Pause and Reply: Pause and reply videos as many times as you want

  10. All Stats in One Place: Has all the statistical measures underneath all the special tests


PhysioU Users talk about their experience on Clinical Pattern Recognition Orthopaedic Suite


"As a DPT student, there is an enormous amount of material that I have to absorb in such a short amount of time. While taking multiple different courses at the same time, it can get really easy to jumble, mix, and get confused on what subject correlates with what We are currently is an Ortho class, which itself has a gargantuan amount of material to cover. PhysioU's apps help me organize and set my student learning up for success. I am able to now categorize different signs and symptoms that a patient may present, and also systematically approach treatment options for their possible diagnosis. THIS APP IS THE FUTURE OF DPT STUDENTS"

By Justin Lee, Lifeforchange


How Tim Woo applies the PhysioU apps in his student career. 

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We are pleased to share this testimonial from one of our PhysioU users in China. It's very rewarding to know that our learning tools have such positive impact on a global scale. 


EVENT: Combined sections Meeting 2017

We were delighted to have the opportunity to speak in CSM, meet up with many of our users, and hear what they have to say about their PhysioU moment. 


PhysioU: NeuroExam app is a great resource for improving your neurologic exam

We're pleased to share that, another one of our apps has been reviewed by iMedicalApps: The NeuroExam App!

The app is available in iOS, Android, and the Web app.


The PhysioU (previously Clinical Pattern Recognition) team in action. We had so much fun meeting you all. Check out our student testimonials about their PhysioU experience. Thank you so much for your support!