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special tests

PhysioU team brings you the new special test app that organizes the classic and latest orthopedic special test in a regularly updated platform.  Tests are organized by region, by purpose, and alphabetically for easy access.

Special Tests app is now available in the PhysioU’s Complete Rehab Guide!

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PhysioU App update alert! Fall risk assessment added to Clinical Pattern Recognition Apps!


As clinical specialist who will care for clients over the life span, it is critical to be aware of fall risk in patients with conditions that may impair their balance! This includes asking two critical questions and performing some quick tests that can help with screening for fall risk:

2 key questions:

  • Have you fallen in the last 12 months?

  • Do you have difficulty with balance or walking?

Conduct a balance and mobility screen:


  • 30 second chair stand test

  • 4-stage balance test

  • Timed up and go test

Fall risk assessment has been added into the differential diagnosis tab for these common conditions!

  • Knee osteoarthritis

  • Knee meniscus tears

  • Hip osteoarthritis

  • Ankle sprains

  • Posterior tibial tendonitis

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Ankle osteoarthritis

  • Hallux valgus

  • Hallux rigidus

  • Morton's neuroma

  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Special Thanks to Dr. Gregory Hartley for his input on adding this important geriatric consideration to the Clinical Pattern Recognition Apps!

This comes from the 2015 article in the Physical Therapy Journal.

Gait App Update: Prosthetic Gait Deviations is now available!

The PhysioU team is constantly seeking out ways to better help students and clinicians continue to develop their clinical reasoning and analytical skills. The addition of prosthetic gait deviations to the gait app is just the next step! Click here for a sneak peek!

Prosthetic Gait Deviation 1.jpg

Cutting edge gait deviation analysis at your fingertips!

Prosthetic Gait Deviation 2.png

Gain access to a variety of transfemoral and transtibial gait deviation possibilities with multiple views!

Prosthetic Gait Deviation 3.png

Watch gait deviation videos, see potential causes and the penalties that can result!

Prosthetic Gait Deviation 4.png

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PhysioU: Complete Rehab Guide is finally available on mobile app stores!

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 10.20.32 AM.png

3 common questions and requests from educators and users:

1.     Can we use these apps on laptop and mobile devices?

2.     Is there a way to not use up my device’s memory because of all those great videos?

3.     Can we have all the apps in 1 simple SUPER app?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

The PhysioU team has been working tirelessly to build new apps and figure out new ways to serve the Physical Therapy community.

All web-access users now have a single PhysioU app that they can download from the iTunes store and the Google Play store. All the PhysioU 5 star-rated apps are combined into 1 app that streams on your device and requires no memory usage!

Download the new PhysioU: Complete Rehab Guide today and unlock your free trial or access all the web-based app content that you have purchased, now as an app on your mobile device!


PhysioU: Assistive Devices, Transfers, Gait Training app is finally here!

New apps for our PhysioU family!

Do you remember how hard it was to learn about transfers, gait patterns and assistive devices by reading it from a book?

Do you wish you could send your patient a video of Modified 3 point gait using the crutches you just fitted them with?

The new PhysioU: Assistive Devices, Gait training and Transfers app is now an upgrade to your current app suite!


Assistive device fitting

loftstrand crutch fitting

Gait patterns for all the assistive devices (right and left limb videos included)

Axillary crutches

Stair training

Axillary crutches

Bed mobility

Bed moblity

Sit to stand/Stand to sit

Axillary crutches


right lower extremity

Wheelchair fitting

arm rest height

Share all of these instructions directly to your patients!

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