Congrats to Dr. Allison Breakey and Dr. Regina Siciliano!

Speaking of mentoring, Sacred Heart University professor and Physio U's Dr. Yung is extremely proud of his former DPT students and mentees, Dr. Allison Breakey (APTA video below) and Dr. Regina Siciliano (photo under comment below). Alli currently serves as the APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors, Student PT delegate while Regina serves as the PT Political Action Committee, student liaison. Both are doing an outstanding job representing all student physical therapy members of the APTA in their respective roles. Below video is found in this APTA link.

Next to Alli Breakey and Regina Siciliano are PhysioU's Dr. Yung and Dr. Victor Vaughan, who is a champion of physical therapy advocacy in the state of Connecticut.

Here is Alli's tweet about PhysioU/Clinical Pattern Recognition: